CML Charge Controller

Product Features

  • 3 battery state-of-charge LEDs
  • Three-stage PWM regulation
  • Load disconnect prewarning by acoustic signal
  • Boost, equalization, and float charging
  • USB charging output for mobile devices

CML-USB Series (5-20 A)  

Solar charge controllers with USB charging output

The CML-USB series is designed for-low cost applications and is ideal for small solar systems in need of a low battery disconnect feature. The electronic circuit is equipped with a microcontroller that provides high-efficiency charging technology together with a number of outstanding features like status display, warning and safety functions.

Leisure and rural electrification systems are the typical applications for the CML-USB controllers. They provide a perfect solution for cost-sensitive systems that require state-of-the-art system management.

A built-in USB charging output is ideal for charging mobile devices off a solar home system. Low-voltage disconnect prevents battery damage from deep discharging.