MPPTsolid 230/100  Industry-pictogram-01

More Power, Less Wire.

  • Full current up to +55 degrees Celsius
  • Works with 24 – 72V systems (programmable)
  • Quiet operation, EMC tested
  • Rugged Design

    Anodized, marine-grade aluminum housing with built-in heat dissipation and stainless steel wire terminals with 1-inch conduit connections.

    Maximum Efficiency

    Suitable for PV charging systems up to 7.5 kW at 72 VDC and up to 97% power conversion efficiency.



    Works in 12V, 48V, 60V or 72V charging applications. Specify your battery voltage when ordering and then set charge points via a PC interface.

    High Power

    The MPPTsolid 230/100 has the highest power rating in its class along with low EMI emissions.


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