Project Name: Off-Grid Tiny Home Solar Install – Northern California, USA

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Company: Rey Castellanos – Private Consultant
Location: Northern California, USA
Project Date: Summer 2020
Main Contact: Rey Castellanos, Installer
Application: Residential
Customer Type: Installer
Phocos Product: Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter
Quantity: 1 Unit

Conditions/ Challenges Before Installation

This customer purchased raw land in a remote location in California with a few key goals. They wanted to develop the land into the property of their dreams, far from the chaos of the city.  They also wanted to live as sustainably as possible utilizing renewable energy for their tiny home and farm. When first moving into the tiny home, no utility hook up was available, so they were living Off-Grid without any access to power. This inconvenience forced the need for daily store visits for ice to keep food cold, and to purchase gas and propane for equipment and appliances. These daily trips were too time-consuming and expensive, so it was critical to find a solution that could reduce monthly overhead, save time, and grow as needed during the property development phase.  The customer always knew they’d invest in renewable energy, so they hired Rey Castellanos to help create the design and install a solution.  Knowing cost was a critical factor, and after extensive research, Rey selected the Phocos Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter because it was the best value for the highest quality available.

Solution/ Results After Installation

This installer knew this customers’ Off-Grid, tiny home would need consistent solar power for comfortable living.  The client requested basic loads like lights, a refrigerator, fans, and a tv, to have power, with the option to charge phones, computers, and tools to continue developing this dream property. After calculating these loads, Rey chose the PSW-H Hybrid Inverter because the capacity fit the usage requirements and it included an integrated, high output MPPT solar charge controller to save time during installation.  Research showed this product to be very reliable and scalable, making it the perfect fit so this customers’ solar system could grow as their property developed. The Phocos Any-Grid-PSW-H-3kW-120/24V inverter checked off all the boxes.

After 18 months installed, the customer is extremely happy with their investment decision. There have been no issues or power interruptions.  They save precious time and hundreds of dollars a month by not running a gas generator or buying ice and propane.  Their favorite thing about this solar solution is ‘it just works.’  Thanks to this installer designing with the Phocos Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter, this end-user can now focus on developing the remote property of their dreams while living off-grid sustainably. Energy Independence at its best.

“This customer is extremely happy with the results. Their favorite thing about this solution is they don’t have to worry about reliable power.”

–Rey Castellanos, MD/CEO

$100’s / Month Saved

18+ Months in Service with no Downtime

Featured Product:

Phocos PSW-H-5K230


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