Project Name: Rune Wines Commercial Business Application – Arizona, USA

Company: Rune Wines
Location: Arizona, United States
Project Date: 2022 (original) & 2023 (expansion)
Main Contact: James Callahan
Application: Agricultural/Winery
Customer Type: Commercial
Phocos Product: Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter
Quantity: 4 Units (2 initial/2 expansion)

Conditions/ Challenges Before Installation

Once this business owner set his mind to running a sustainable company during his college years, he had a dream to strive for.  After graduating, he decided to start a new winery business in Arizona.  The first challenge was power.  Finding land with power vs. land without power readily accessible, offered multiple opportunities to save money from day one.  While the original goal was simply to ‘do the right thing’ as an entrepreneur, there were quite a few money saving business opportunities that lay ahead.

Solution/ Results After Installation

Starting a business from conception to reality is a major endeavor.  Planning, economics, investments in time, land, research, materials, and people are all major factors.  From early on in this business development process, there were multiple occasions to make strong economic decisions based on the foundation of knowing this winery business will be running on solar power vs. the utility.  First, the owner was able to buy land at a much cheaper price because it didn’t have easy access to electric utility power.  Next, he saved over $150,000 to avoid bringing in a connection from the utility.  That savings is incredibly high because the local electricity provider charges a price per foot to connect, and at just under a mile distance, that total added up quickly.  With that he not only saved money on the initial hook up, but he saved on sizable monthly electric utility bills over the life of this business so far, and for years to come.  Lastly, when setting up the initial solar power system, including two Any-Grid PSW-H inverters, he was able to get a 25% tax federal credit on his total solar system cost.

Today, the goal of running a sustainable business with solar energy is a dream realized.  Proper planning, research, and successful production of a quality wine brand, has allowed for expansion and growth.  Event planning is turning into a real opportunity on this beautiful property.  In 2023, when the owner, James Callahan, added two more Phocos hybrid inverters to enlarge the existing renewable energy system, he took advantage of a 22% federal tax credit to continue building this successful, sustainable winery.  The flexibility of the Phocos PSW-H has aided in easy expansion with lithium storage.  Cheers to that!

As a growing business we were met with a need to upgrade our existing system. The Phocos hybrid inverter fit with lithium, modular expansion.”

–James Callahan, Owner/Winemaker

Save Money

Saved $150k to not connect to the utility, & averted ongoing monthly bills

Fed. Tax Credit to Go Solar

2020 – got 25% credit (first install)
2023 – got 22% credit (expansion)

Featured Product:

Phocos PSW-H-5K230

PSW-H Hybrid Inverter

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