Project Name: Tsiobata Village – Cabecar Indigenous Group

Company: Installed by IntiTech Solar
and Volunteers
Location: Costa Rica
Project Date: July, 2020
Main Contact: Thomas Fees, President
Application: Rural: Light and power for village
Customer Type: Government
Phocos Product: Eco Pico (7) and CXNup (1)
Quantity: 8 Units
Intitech Solar LogoEl Camina De Costa Rica

Project Description/ Key Details

  • This is a remote community called Tsiobata, living in the Nairi Awari territory.  They are a subsistence community that lives within the traditional practices of the Cabecar indigenous group, and they have their own government.   The village is about a 90-minute trek up a mountain from the Pacuare River.
  • The existing solar system and solar lighting in the community building and school were not functioning.  There are no other power requirements in the village, as these people mostly live a traditional existence off the land.
  • The addition of functioning solar equipment is part of an overall retrofit, accompanied with a new museum opening by the end of 2021.  The museum earnings will go to the community fund to supplement education materials, requirements needed for reunions and ceremonies, and for infrastructure improvements of the village.
  • This is a very remote village, so reliable equipment is vital to their plans to increase commerce and to make improvements for the 60 villagers who live in this community.  Education will also be a priority to help the students have an easier learning environment.

Solution/ Results

  • With the introduction of the new small off-grid solar system, including the CXNup charge controller, and Eco Pico solar lighting kits, there is now light in the community building and school building.   The community is also able to charge cell phones.   The solar lighting will extend to the new museum.  Once the museum opens, they expect hiking visitors from El Camino of Costa Rica (offering a tourist experience and developing small rural businesses through sustainability) to triple in the first year and grow exponentially YOY.  The earnings from the museum will go toward village improvements, traditional ceremonies, and education.  The museum will show CADE the Cabecar culture and traditions, containing exhibit objects traditionally used for ceremonies, medicine, agriculture, cooking, music and hunting.  These displays and explanatory materials will need light for tourists to discover and read.
  • After living with failed solar equipment and lighting (no power), the community was very happy with the new, working solar installation.  This small solar system with the Phocos CXNup charge controller and ECO Pico light kits will go far to supporting the village community day to day, and with the coming new museum revenue stream.
  • This unique project was a success because of support from many organizations and individuals.   This includes the villagers, volunteers, staff from Inti Tech Solar (organized materials and installed), the Embassy of New Zealand (donated the funds), and the Ascociacion Mar a Mar (wrote the grant and donated project management services toward the initiative).  The project is a true collaboration, to support this remote village with renewable energy and light, to make their vision of sharing their culture and developing funds to support the village needs, a reality.


“Installation of the solar system and Phocos Eco Pico light kits offer a huge contribution to this community since it is part of an artisanal museum of the indigenous culture that will become a source of income and employment.”

— Conchita Espino, Project Director/Grant Writer
El Camino Costa Rica

3 x Visitors

After the museum opens, they
expect 1500 visitors/year
with exponential increases YOY.
The earnings go toward
education, ceremonies, and
infrastructure improvements

Featured Product:

Eco Pico and CXNup

ECO Pico and CXNup

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