Street Vendor with DC Refrigeration

Street Vendor Boosts Business with DC Refrigeration – Abuja, Nigeria

Mrs. Ugbor is a street vendor (aka petty vendor) with a small kiosk selling basic items to her local community for profit like biscuits, sweets, beverages, etc.  The community she is selling to is largely without power.  So, without refrigeration her business was taking care of her needs, but the opportunity to add an option to refrigerate food and drinks could majorly impact her success and earning potential.  Buying ice to support her business was a daily cost and frustration to obtain (60 min taxi ride).  Access to ice and storage were simply not easy. 

Mutoko Centre Offices– Zimbabwe

Mutoko Centre Christian Aid Offices – Zimbabwe

This non-profit office needed cost effective power. Utility bills were getting expensive so they wanted an alternative. Stable power was a major requirement, to help this local team operate with the best efficiency possible to achieve their company goals and to work together with local and global offices. The customer wanted a solution with clean, quiet, sustainable, and reliable energy as an alternative to the intermittent utility grid power they were connected to.

Chegutu Mall – Zimbabwe

Chegutu Mall – Zimbabwe

With load shedding occurring often during certain times of the year, basic daytime and nighttime lighting of the mall for operation, safety and security were important to rectify. Conditions for basic water access and good pressure were not stable, causing problems for day to day operations. Due to budget conditions during this first installation, Mwenje Solar Technology purposely designed the Phocos PSW-H Hybrid Inverter Charger into this solar system solution for easy future expansion.

Solar Panel roof set up

Mazowe High School – Zimbabwe

The existing utility grid available to the secondary school provided intermittent power which created problems and frustrations for administrators, teachers, students, and their families. Stable power translates to improved student opportunity and performance and 45% savings on future energy bills.

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