AB-PLC-CAN Monitoring & Control Gateway
May 4, 2021

Any-Bridge™ & PhocosLink Cloud

The Any-Bridge™ AB-PLC-CAN Monitoring & Control Gateway allows access to your Phocos power system via the PhocosLink Cloud portal. Attaching to an internet-connected router through the Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN port on the Any-Bridge gives you access to the PhocosLink Cloud portal enabling rich visual access to your system from

CM SERIES (4-10 A) - Charge Controller for Low Power Applications
November 29, 2019

CM Series (4-10 A)

Solar Charge Controller for Low Power Applications The CM series is an economic solution for preventing battery overcharging in low-power systems. It is simple, compact and easy to use and install. CM series features a 2-stage PWM charging algorithm that supplies an even charge across all battery cells which lengthens

CIS-N (10-20 A) - Solar Charge Controller - Lighting Control
November 29, 2019

CIS-N (10-20 A)

Solar Charge Controller w/ Lighting Control The CIS-N was especially developed to deliver optimum performance in industrial PV systems in demanding environments. It features 4-stage, series-switching PWM charge regulation and is fully programmable via infrared devices (CIS-CU or MXI-IR and CISCOM software). The CIS-N includes convenient and advanced lighting control,

ECO-N (10 A) - Solar Charge Controller
November 29, 2019

ECO-N (10 A)

Solar Charge Controller Phocos’ ECO-N solar charge controller is the perfect option for any low-power application requiring superior resistance to the elements. Its small size, reliability, and price make it a great solution for a wide range of projects. The ECO-N is equipped with the low-voltage disconnect feature. It is

CXNUP SERIES (10-40 A) - Datalogging and LCD
November 29, 2019

CXNup Series (10-40 A)

Solar Charge Controller w/ Datalogging and LCD The CXNup series is a highly intelligent charge controller family for a wide range of applications. It features an intuitive user interface and stores up to two (2) years of valuable system performance data, which is accessible via the LCD and PhocosLink software.

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