September 1, 2020

Refrigeration: DC vs AC Appliance Comparison

Total System Cost Price Comparison – Refrigeration (AC vs DC) General Comparison Facts: Most DC appliances require less power draw per day DC appliances may cost more money, but there is less equipment to buy for the overall system to operate properly, therefore the total system cost is actually less

March 9, 2020

Industry Insights: Are my solar panels getting enough sunlight in my Off-Grid system? (Part 1 of 2)

Question: How can I tell if my solar panels are getting enough sun to power my loads (equipment) in my Off-Grid system? Answer: 1. The first thing to check is the battery voltage. If the voltage is at a target charging voltage, then the module is adequately charging your batteries.

March 25, 2019

6 Tips to Troubleshoot When Your Off-Grid Solar System Stops Working

When an off-grid system goes down, it is often challenging to know what to do next. Our technical team has put together a list to help you diagnose the problem so you can get your system back up and running. Understanding what is wrong will help you save time and

March 18, 2019

9 FAQs for New Phocos PSW Series Inverters

Our new PSW Series pure sine wave inverters convert DC energy to AC power to operate standard household appliances. Let’s review some of the common questions: 1. What appliances can be operated?It is ideal for sensitive electronics and appliances that require pure sine wave power to operate properly: TVs, computers,

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