November 15, 2019

How do I know that I’m receiving enough sunlight on my PV module to adequately charge my batteries?

Check the battery voltage. If the voltage is at a target charging voltage, then the module is adequately charging your batteries. For example, if you measure 13.7V on a 12V battery, then it has reached the Float charging voltage, and the battery is being adequately charged. Remember that the target

November 15, 2019

Can I use a 60 cell module (commonly used for grid-tied applications) with my battery bank?

High voltage panels, or 60 cell modules, can be used with MPPT controllers. Be sure to check that your panel is within the other specifications of the controller you are using. These specs include max power input, max voltage input, and max current input.

November 15, 2019

What is the optimal distance for wiring between my charge controller and my battery? When does a significant voltage drop occur?

It is highly recommended that the charge controller be within one meter (approximately 3.25ft) of the battery bank and in the same room or enclosure. Be sure all rooms and enclosures are well ventilated. Lead acid batteries produce flammable hydrogen gas. Significant voltage drops occur not only with excessive distance

November 15, 2019

Why am I getting less power than expected from my PV system?

This can be due to several factors. First, your battery bank may not need it. If your battery bank is full or nearly full, the controller must limit PV power to prevent overcharging. Second, standard test conditions (STC) don’t always match actual environmental conditions at the install site. Thermal effects,

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